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Yuvati Sabha

Yuvati Sabha is a cell dedicated to the empowerment and personality development of girl students. It focuses on creating a safe and secure educational environment for girls and works towards promoting gender equality and addressing issues related to it. The Yuvati Sabha organizes various programs and competitions throughout the year with the aim of promoting the overall development of girl students. These programs and competitions include debates, essay writing, group discussions, cultural events, and sports events, among others. It also invites experts and guest speakers to deliver talks and workshops on topics related to women's issues, gender equality, and personal development.

One of the key objectives of Yuvati Sabha is to promote gender equality and create awareness about women's rights and issues. It works towards creating a gender-sensitive environment in the college and provides a platform for girls to voice their opinions and concerns. It also strives to break down stereotypes and promote a culture of respect and equality for all genders. Another important focus of Yuvati Sabha is to provide support and guidance to girl students in various aspects of their personal and academic lives. It offers counselling services, mentorship programs, and career guidance sessions to help girl students develop their skills and achieve their academic and career goals.

Overall, Yuvati Sabha plays an important role in promoting the personality development of girl students and creating a safe and secure educational environment for them. It works for promoting gender equality and addressing women's issues to help and create a more inclusive and progressive society.

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